Sunday, December 9, 2007

Swot'in my Blog

Pat's Swat yo Blog challenge is something I've been avoiding for a while...because I wasn't sure of my blog's goals. Originally I just wanted something in the blog sphere for Pat to look at and give me and Bryce pointers. Later as I kept writing, it was more of a journal for me to read my own progress. Most importantly it's been a great way for me to be introduced to other people's blogs like Dojo rat, Uchi-deshi, and Somaserious. Somaserious's blog is actually what reminded me to finally address what I want my blog to be. After Pat's bloggy award me and Andy started looking at where our blogs are in relation to each other and on the blogsphere in general. I'm almost dead last, lol :) I'm also for some reason not on google anywhere so my traffic must come from cross linking through Pat or Andy. For the past week I was kinda sad I have so few viewers, but not because I want to be high on the list or anything, but because I get so little feedback. I'm trying to teach myself and refine my skills with blinders on since Bryce left. I need all the advice I can get, lol. So where is all this going? Good question. I have a few ideas, but I'll start with Pat's suggested SWOT method.
Well I'm linked to the number 1 blog in our little sphere right now :)
Also I've been better about posting at least once or twice a week
Since this was originally geared at Pat, I use way too much technical jargon like "Honasu number 1" which is meaningless to someone who doesn't do our form of Aikido.
I would definitely like more entertaining stories on my blog, of Aikido/Judo nature or not.
Environmental factors that might help would be my roommates, maybe the Judo club over at UCF, and if I can get a link for my site on google, maybe that for more input.
Threats in my environment would be things like my and my roommates general laziness and opposing job schedule.
Once again the bureaucracy of the college when attempting to make or deal with any of the campus clubs.

Now comes the conclusion part where I have an epiphany and solve the hole problem...I'll get back to everyone on that...but I'd love some thoughts.

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Patrick Parker said...

maybe a good place to start would be to get your blog listed in the directories. Check the very bottom of my blog, click on each of hte little badges, and register your blog with each of those services. That will help you get on Google.

Another thing that Google looks at is yhe frequency of posting. I have good links from google because i update almost every day. This means that they send their spiders to crawl the dojo more often.

A third thing that I think helped me - label each post with the names of all the specific techniques. for instance, if you talk about wakigatame, then add a 'wakigatame' label to that post. this way, you will be higher on search results lists for folks searching google for 'wakigatame'. extensive labelling helps your search results.

If you want to use less technical jargon in your posts so others will understand, you might try posting about principles (that are common to other arts) instead of specific techniques specific to our kind of aikido. But I'm terrible about that. One thing that I am trying to do is to restrict class-specific jarjon to clearly-marked training logs so if folks dont want to read the jargon they dont have to.