Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back to Aikido

Well last night I got home I realized I haven't done anything in a week. This is a point Andy's been pointing out for this past week so I invited him and Beau down to the garage for a little falling practice and Honasu. Andy wasn't interested last night, his days have been longer with the approaching holidays and the WoW addiction has Beau firmly in its grip. So me and Beleek went down and we worked on her ukemi (falling). While things started out rocky she was definitely improving after a dozen or so falls. I forgot how hard it is to relax when you're not used to falling and someone's telling you "just don't resist". It'll come with time. We went over the 3rd and 1st wrist release and Beleek even got a few really good off-balances. It feels so good to practice some days :)

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