Saturday, December 1, 2007

Promote 3 Meme Time Again!

Well normally I'd put 3 blogs that are below mine on the blog roll...but I'm 58 out of 61 so there aren't many choices. Congrats to Pat for being number 1 and Andy for being high up there. People reading his blog, means people reading about our training, so his blog victory is my blog victory. I still think more people should check out
Tales of a Mommy Karateka.
My other two are people above me in the blog roll, but who still don't get enough recognition.
Uchi-deshi-who's anecdotes keep me training and entertained continuously
Dojorat- who's urban and gritty views of the martial arts remind the layman that anyone can make training work.

1 comment:

somaserious said...

John, you just rock! Thanks for the shout out. Yes, more people should read my blog.....

Anyway, I think the heavy hands exercise is called katategami (?!) or something like that. Hope it rings a bell...