Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two New Students

       Yesterday two new students came in to Judo looking for a fun self defense class. We went over some basic off-balance ideas I always like to show beginners to get them over the "but the guy is way bigger than me" stigma and after showing Osoto gari and letting them toss me once or twice they really seemed to get into class. They were two women in their mid-late 30's and enthusiastic about learning so it was a laid back but really productive class. After Osoto I spent a minute on kouchi gari then the questions about groundwork came up. The last 20 mins or so of class was spent on shrimping, showing mune gatame and our basic bridge escape from it. They both seemed really excited about learning more and promised they would be back next week. As a side note they are friends with a yoga studio that is right by my house and said since the community center is starting to charge me for rental space they might be able to swing me teaching at the yoga studio at a cheaper rate, and times that would be more conducive to getting more students. All in all, a really good Saturday :) 

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