Friday, October 25, 2013

Too many students

              Never a problem I thought I would have. I had this idea about what exactly I was going to show at Aikido class tonight. 5 o'clock rolled around and only me and SJ were there. By 5:05 I had six students and no where near enough mat space. One guy had never done anything before nor heard of Aikido. The other two each studied different arts. A woman who does Jiu-jitsu and her husband who practices Kempo. Everyone was really polite and I had a lot of odd footing to play with. Tomorrow's Judo class promises to have the six students from tonight plus an additional two or three from the local BJJ class. SJ took on the role tonight as my helper with the students who regularly show up. I am going to have to either figure out a way to break the class up, or do more circuits. I am also moving my classes to four days a week as per requested by my students. I have been thinking a lot on how we show different applications of different moves that emphasize different things. That combined with Pat's Aikido Renaissance posts gave me an idea. I am going to contact him and Nick about making a youtube channel that focuses on a different move each month or so and have different people in our organization post how they do it and what they emphasize. It should be an interesting tool to help spread ideas. 

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