Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Still going strong

         So my students are beginning to settle into a routine of some going only to Judo, some only to Aikido, and a select few bouncing back and forth. I am teaching 4 days a week now, plus attending BJJ here and there. I have been going back over some old Karl Geis DVDs I have and am constantly learning new things each time I watch.
         On the youtube project of doing a move each month, I have posted the first Aikido move, and the first Judo move. Making two separate channels was more complicated than it needed to be, but hopefully it will all work out. I had Judo last night and had the class do kosoto gari and then uki-goshi. After doing that for awhile we moved into some groundwork, mainly bridge and roll escape from kesa gatame and an escape from the mount. I had them do some pinning randori with each person trying to hold the other in the mount and in kesa for 15 seconds before they could win. I think we all won when the lesson that rolling around can get very tiring very quickly if you are constantly exerting force.
       Tonight is Aikido, after Tegatana I think we will do releases 4 and 8, then gyakugamae ate (I hope I spelled that right) from Junana.

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