Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving this Winter

Me and Rob have been practicing every Friday as usual on Honasu and Nijusan. Just wanted everyone to know I'm still practicing. Now for a personal story....and this has nothing to do with Aikido but I was so blown away by the events of the past few days I felt like sharing. Me and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up a few months ago and recently got back together before I realized she had no idea who I really was. I'm talking about little things, couldn't name any music I like, or activities I like (other than Aikido), favorite color, foods I like, my hopes and dreams. She got defensive and asked me the same things and I could name all of them. It's weird to find out the person you were in love with doesn't know you at all, so we broke up again. That was two days ago and today I receive a call from a friend of mine who I was in the Corps with that I haven't heard from in almost 2 years. Apparently he's now stationed where I used to be, right outside of Seattle. I loved it up there and he offered to let me live with him while I go back to free :) I'm not an overly religious man, but I do have my convictions and wanted to remark on those mysterious ways people hear about but usually never cite....this is one of them. I lost the only thing tying me here and two days later was given a great opportunity to better my situation. Plus I'll be 15 mins from Paulsbo which is where another Fugakukai dojo that teaches Aikido is located. It'll be nice to not have to drive an hour and 45 mins to go to class.

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