Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weekend at Pat's...

Well the trip to Pat's went well. You can read about the overall on his page or on Andy's but they left out one or two things. First off, Judo night went really well, Beleek (my girlfriend) who was terrified of it now wants to study it (thanks Pat). Later that night me and Andy had a randori session that I had Beleek videotape which I went over with Bryce as soon as I got home. I need to work on tegatana more, my posture leaves a lot to be desired. We also are trying to work on a way of doing more standing randori around here. As far as Andy's comment on his page about seeing just how yellow his belt is in Judo, I'd like to say he's getting much better every time I head down. The exciting stuff happened the next day at Aikido when we worked on knife techniques and multiple attackers. Everyone got stabbed over and over with knife attacks. There's just no way to win. I even got Pat the one time he defended against my knife attack. There must be some secret I'm missing with the knife stuff. Andy was coming at me at one point and I tripped over my Gi pants, did a backwards fall and rolled to standing and regained my posture right before I got stabbed. I died, but it felt like a win that I regained my composure before the rubbery death that was Pat's practice knife.

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