Friday, July 13, 2007

Heading Home

I'll be heading back to Pat's next week to visit the family and brush up on my Judo and Aikido once more with my teacher. I remember once when I was in the military and had a grappling class I was getting my butt kicked. We had a week break so I decided to take some leave and visit Pat. I made a few rude comments on how this Judo stuff wasn't working and how I must've been wasting my time and Pat did what any respectable teacher would do...he listened then wiped the floor with me. Afterwards he politely said "Your problem is obvious, you're trying to do moves and have forgotten the principles. You're not shrimping anymore." I thought about it (while I was on the floor not being able to get up) and realized he was right, I was wrong, and how stupid I felt for coming in complaining. I don't know if I said I'm sorry before Pat, but I am for that. Don't worry though, I'm not coming in with any complaints this time, just some new tricks I learned from your former student Bryce :)

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Patrick Parker said...

Ha, that's cool. That is pretty much everyone's problem. These techniques seem like super-cool killer ninja moves because the systems are sorta packaged as a set of techniques with exotic-sounding techniques.

So folks get into a stuck position and start trying to think of a magic word (like jujijime or jujigatame, etc... ) that they can invoke to fix all the problems.

but like you mentioned, the techniques are not magic. The magic is in the principles. The techniques are examples of things that _probably_ spring from properly implemented principle.

Cant wait to see you and see what magic moves youve brought to the mountain from Bryce :-) you ought to break andy free from work and drag him along.