Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Judo/Aikido Club

Since getting Beleek into Judo, I've gotten a few suggestions to start a Judo and Aikido club to safely practice and improve. The only problem is where. I've looked into the local YMCA but the prices are a bit steep here in Orlando. Thought about getting mats, but then there's nowhere to put them to practice. All there is around the apartment complex is pavement and grass. I think everyone knows where the pavement route would lead and grass would damage the mats after the extensive use I plan on using on them. I've looked into local gyms but the only ones that seem to have mats, only use them for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) UFC fighting classes. I'm going to contact the local college (UCF) and look into using their facilities. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem before and judo mats are different to those we use in mixed martial arts. I also did judo when i was in college to a local Ymca and in my school here in our country they offer very low prices.

Patrick Parker said...

as for mats, you can get folding 1.5 inch hink mats pretty cheap if you are willing to go for a small size. for instance, if my memory serves me right, i paid something like 120 or 150 dollars a piece for two mats that were about 4x6 feet when we were first getting started. we did most of the class on carpet, and practiced rolling and falling separate from the techniques on the mats.

the benefit of this is two mats that small can be moved wherver you wnat to have class.

Lecea said...

Well said.