Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Student Craze!

Well Tuesday night, Marina did not show up, but my new student (this being her 3rd class) did. I'm terrible with names, so forgive me. I also had a woman who was looking for a late night self defense class show up, and a college student who took Kung Fu and was looking to supplement it also show up. 3 new students, no demonstrations, no idea what Aikido is (except for my 3rd class chick who had a vague idea). Everyone being new put everyone at ease though. I guess they were expecting an academy of black belts to start pouring in, but when that didn't happen all the tension was gone. We briefly went through tegatana (the basic walking kata) then into the first 4 wrist releases. I explained how Tori (the defender) is not trying to make Uke (the attacker) let go of his/her wrist, but is "releasing" the tension that builds from someone grabbing you. After just a few repetitions, they all seemed to get it and the older woman even said "I don't even use my arms, I'm moving you with my body" and I did all I could to hold back what would have been a ridiculous grin in favor of the stoic wizened old master "Mmmm" with nod look. The woman wants to return and take the class with her son, but I think Aikido in a relaxed easy environment isn't the workout the Kung Fu chick was looking for. It was nice to have another chance at a class with totally new people and THIS time be able to explain things in a clear, direct manner. Also, anyone who knows me will be happy to know, I did NOT give more than 1 speech this class, lasting less than 5 minutes.


Sarah Jane said...

*high five* <-- for the non-speech giving. :)

Glad to hear you're getting some new students. Perhaps you'll have another in September.

Patrick Parker said...

Yippee! congrats!