Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few cool tricks

Tonight in class we went over Honasu (the wrist releases) number 5. My plan was to do number 6 as well but we got caught up in the turning motion of number 5. Afterward, I was asked "What happens if you're against a wall or something" which lead into the "lost releases". Class ran a little short due to me going over Tegatana (the walking kata) a few times and emphasizing how different your movements are in Aikido when you change how you think about something. Next week I plan on doing Ushiro ate and a few movement games. The only area that really needs improvement that I can see is that my two students seem to not want to move their feet. They'll lean as far as they can before taking a step when Uke, and wait until Uke is RIGHT next to them before moving when Tori. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?


Scott Zrubek said...

I don't know, maybe get behing them when they're doing the releases and push them from their belt in their back when they're supposed to move?

One of our students is still stepping instead of falling and I tried to come up with something to help change that. My thought was to get him moving across the mat, so I had him sweep his foot in front of him while walking with only the ball of his foot and toes touching. The heel could not touch until his center had moved out far enough.

Bryce said...

Focus on the X moves in tegatana with that foot coming up, and keep them taking small steps with it so they dont have a hard time pulling that back foot forward. I usually broke people of that by just pointing it out often. They caught on pretty fast ;).