Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Class of Two

It's not unusual for me to only have two students in my class, but last night Olivia (the 13 year old) didn't show up. Her mother said she was feeling ill so she came by herself. I'm only a Shodan so I can't rank my students (not until Nidan as I understand it), but I wanted to make sure they know what they're supposed to when it would be time for them to rank test if I could rank them. In order for that to happen, they'd need to know Tegatana and Honasu when approaching 30 hours of class time. They're only at about 10 hours thus far. There still seems to be a lot of confusion over the order of wrist releases so last night I decided I'd go over numbers 1-4 a few times until everyone felt more comfortable with them. Later we tried an excercise where uke and tori keep going a few steps after the release. There were questions of "what next?" so I showed them how even after the release has been performed, wherever uke goes, tori would still be safe. Overall it went really well. I think they're finally understanding that the point of the releases (at least as I see it) is not to get Uke to release your wrist, it's to release the tension generated.


Scott Zrubek said...

Do your students have issues with whether to position the hand palm up or palm down?

I don't know if ya'll do them in same order that we do, but the mnemonic DUUD UUDD (pronounced Dude Ood) is a fun tool for us.

John Wood said...

that's a neat idea. They mostly have trouble with number 2 and 4. Instead of just getting out of the way, they keep trying to MAKE something happen and get tangled up in all kinds of ways :)

Andy said...

Ours is just a tiny bit different. We go DUUD then DUUD again but we add in OOSS and OOSS where o= opposite and = same. Our second DUUD is the same moves from the first but generally we either go under their arm or around out own.

Took me forever to get it cemented into my head untill i started to play it over and over in my head like an air version of Simon. Trying to relate it to d-pad codes helped a litte too.