Thursday, September 11, 2008

Packing up

Well I'll be moving soon. I'm heading to Bremerton, WA (right outside Seattle) to continue my education. I've already found a new Aikido place just a few miles away...which will be a nice change from being an hour and a half away, one-way, from a place to study. I'll also be learning jazz banjo. I know it seems silly but I've always wanted to learn banjo...even though oddly enough I don't really like bluegrass. Before the move though, I'll be going to Pat's for his (now annual) Aiki-Buddies Gathering. My blog will change from occasional updates about my limited practice times, to a more comprehensive understanding of Aikido, my schooling, Judo, Banjo-do, and whatever else I feel like. Since I'll be home for most of October and the beginning of November, I probably won't post during October. The latest news is this Friday me and Rob (a friend of mine I met while working at my current comic shop), are going to Tampa to talk to an artist who worked freelance on Atomic Robo, to do some work for us on a comic we're writing. More on that later. Wish me luck.

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