Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back in Training

Well I attended a new dojo that is Fugakukai related yesterday. It's lead by Sensei Charles Crist. Here's his site . That means I have a new instructor Pat and will be twice the Aikidoka when I get back to challenge you for your dojo. New Dojos are always a wonderful learning experience. Sensei Crist is very concerned with what he teaches being practical in a real life situation and making sure his students (especially his boys) don't fall into patterns practicing that might hamper them in a real fight. For instance above a certain grade he wants techniques done at full speed unless it needs to be analyzed. If something doesn't work, he wants everyone to keep moving and try to do SOMETHING instead of just stopping. There will also be emphasis on multiple attacker randori (which I'm all in favor of). It IS a little hard being taught one thing by a 7th dan and doing that over and over till it's natural to you, then being taught a completely different timing and variation by someone else (but BOTH work). It's really nice challenging yourself in a new setting to see how your Aikido works and more importantly feels against different uke (especially when neither of you are used to each other's styles).

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