Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back at it again....(and Promote Three Meme)

First off, I'd like to thank Scott Zrubek, and Uchi-Deshi for tagging me with Pat's Promote Three Meme. I forget that people other than Pat and Andy read my blogs. Speaking of Andy, he'll be moving down to Orlando soon and that means I get a new training partner! No news from UCF on the Budo club yet :( but I'll keep trying until it gets done. In the meantime the weather is cooling off a little so a garage with a wrestling mat and a fan will suffice for a place to train. It's just too bad Bryce is leaving in October. It's great for Pat because he'll have his old training partner back. For me however that makes me the highest ranking Judoka/Aikidoka at least in my small circle of people I'll be training with. I still lack any good ability in randori and doubt how well I'll be able to teach and learn since my own training has been sporadic at best. I just don't feel like a 2nd Brown, though Pat tells me that no one ever feels they deserve the rank they have. In any case the experience of me and Andy trying to teach each other should be enlightening.

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