Sunday, May 27, 2007

Long night

First off let me apologize for not posting more often but I haven't done anything other than tegatana for a couple of weeks until last night. Me and Bryce worked for 2 hours straight on the difference between getting real tension to move with, and giving what feels like real tension to GET uke to move with. Basically committed attacks and attacks that look and at first feel real but without any substance. We also went over some ground work and how we use leverage by not collapsing our circular and triangular shapes, but by rotating them but keeping the same shape. All of this came together with a very good speech on staying inside "the box" when facing an opponent. The only exception being in Judo where you can leave the box but only if you take your opponent outside his as well and you can get back to yours first. I unfortunately won't be able to go to the Aiki-Buddies gathering in June but I've gotten a week in July off to head back. My girlfriend wants to know what all this Aikido stuff is so she'll be coming with me so it should be a pretty good couple of classes. I still want to work on multiple attackers when I'm there and movement from the kneeling position.

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