Wednesday, May 9, 2007

June Aiki Buddy Gathering

I got the go ahead from work that I'll have the time off to go to the Aiki Buddy weekend in Magnolia in the middle of June. I was looking at Pat's post with the randori videos on it and I realized I've never done any exercises with multiple attackers. Usually (almost always) it's because we just don't have enough bodies in class for this. Hopefully this can be addressed in June. For anyone who has done exercises concerning multiple assailants, how big is the gap between handing one uke and handling 3 or 4?

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Patrick Parker said...

Dude, I am SO looking forward to having you come play with me in June. What else do you want to work on besides multiple attackers? I want to work on kokyunage (aiki brush-off) and the "rolling the ball" thingie as a lead into randori. We'll probably do the more vigorous randori outside on the grass in jeans and shoes to keep from flying thru windows.

What have y'all been working on lately?