Saturday, February 3, 2007


Last night me and Bryce went over the importance of retaining the initial tension you get after the offbalance. We went through Junana and most of the changes made for Nijusan. He couldn't remember the Nijusan version for waki gatame so we went over around 8 different possible was a long night. Very refreshing though as we also briefly went over taking someone to the ground and maintaining control and positioning keeping in mind where judges might be sitting for a formal rank test. That definitely makes things harder, but a little challenge is always good. After all that, we touched on San Kata, or Koryu Dai San if you want the formal name. The best part of the night for me was my being re-taught kote mawashi. I had completely forgotten about that until it was done to me once. After that I threw myself into something else to keep him from getting kote mawashi again.

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