Friday, February 9, 2007

Excited about class

I can't wait till next Friday and Saturday where I'm going home for a bit to practise on mats again...lots of falling. Pat if you're reading this, we need to go over Owaza 1-5 just so I can be thrown from it...Bryce insists. I was talking to Andy about this and me and him are both curious to see how our Aikido feels now that we've been learning from different people. Plus a little friendly randori is as the fore-front of our minds :) I'd give anything to do Aikido and Judo as a living but I wonder how successful a dojo would be in a larger city area. While you have a greater population than smaller towns, you also have dojos every couple of miles. The more I train though the more I genuinely want this to be more predominant in my life career-wise. I just wonder if I'll have to hold down a 9-5 low pay job to support my passion.

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