Monday, January 15, 2007

Fitness training

While typing the last post there was one other thing I wanted to mention but I felt it warranted a separate post. In Judo and especially in Aikido I know we have a tendency to get lazy in the exercise area as our technique develops. While this does mean you'll have to continually have better technique then someone more fit than you, it reminds me of a Japanese proverb and a story. The proverb goes "experience should always fear the strength of youth". The story was about a match between a boxer and a taekwondo practitioner. The taekwondo guy was expecting to win because his legs had far more reach and power than the boxer's arms. The boxer trained like he would for a heavyweight match. When the time came for the match the taekwondo guy scored a clean kick to the boxer's head and the boxer staggered back. Thanks to his hard work, the boxer shrugged it off, then stepped in and beat the taekwondo guy mercilessly cause the taekwondo guy was out of shape, had no stamina, and got lazy in his training. Now I know Aikido and Taekwondo are drastically different, but because we train our minds on how to deal with certain situations doesn't mean our bodies shouldn't be prepared also. Judo's a better example because if you don't get uke to submit in the first few minutes, it becomes a stamina match. I've just noticed in our race to perfect technique I've felt a lack of conditioning in getting there.

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