Monday, January 15, 2007

First off....

I'll start with a shameless plug for Pat's site. Ok I'll start off this page like I do every practise I have with Bryce when he doesn't know what to go over....hip throws. He went over something with me yesterday that I've never noticed before. The entry for hip throws can occur one of two ways. First off, there's the competition way where you pull or in any way offbalance your opponent and you step into them as they're falling on you. The second (and my favorite way) feels like taiotoshi in my opinion. You pull your opponent and sidestep while holding onto them so that as they rise again they in essence wrap themselves around your body and onto your hip. The timing's much harder but it feels a lot smoother. Bryce was telling me that You don't dictate which one of these you'll use, uke does. If he pulls, you step into him. If he comes forward, you offbalance and perform the second one. Well if anything, this Blog will make me better at giving word descriptives.

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