Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Next to Last Class

Next Tuesday will be my final class at the YMCA in Bremerton, Wa. Since I'm down to one student, I decided this week I would use the class time to go through Tegatana, Honasu, then Junana once. Junana would (I thought) give her a peek at what she would be learning as her training progressed. A few observations I noticed were, I do Sumi-Otoshi much better the Junana way instead of the Nijusan way and I need to work on that. Gedan ate went well, but when we got to Mai Otoshi (I think I spelled that right), I could not remember exactly how to do it. I thought for a second and tried Gedan Ate and intentionally missed the timing and caught Uke on the rise coming forward and an interesting thing happened. Usually when I do get Mai Otoshi I have a feeling of almost catching the back of the elbow and it's a toss or continuation of that forward movement. While the catching Uke going upward and getting that forward feeling, I caught Uke just above the elbow and it felt like the throw, or point affected I should say, was Uke's shoulder. Is that right? Is that still Mai Otoshi?


Sarah Jane said...

I don't know the answer to your question but...

I'm excited that it's your second to last class. :D

Time to start teachin' moi.

Patrick Parker said...

It's hard to tell just what happened from your description, but if you are pushing uke forward from behind as his center is dropping onto the far foot - that's maeotoshi.

I don't know of too much difference btw junana and nijusan maeotoshi. If you can get it to work by calling it "junana" then I say go for it! ;-)

I've gotten sporadic details about your move - what's going on with you?

John Wood said...

I'm moving north of Seattle to Bellingham. I'm trying to go back to college (after almost 10 years). As far as Aikido goes, there's a class in Vancouver, Canada that's Fugakukai and it's about an hour and a half away I believe, so par for the course.

Patrick Parker said...

Those folks in Vancouver (Roy and Heather) are excellent aikido folks and great people. Well worth the 1.5 hours as often as you can make it.

congrats on getting back to school. What are you going to study?