Saturday, May 9, 2009

Question about blogspot

I've looked around and could not find a way to make a separate archive for certain posts. A way to organize them into "Posts about this" and "Posts about that". Does anyone know how to do that?


Patrick Parker said...

I ried to send you an email, but your top secret, ninka erver wouldn't take email from poor-ole unclassified me.

label your wise stories, then put a link to that label in your sidebar - that would (i think) be the easiest way

Patrick Parker said...

Wow - my spelling is worde than ever tonight!

Beleek said...

If you go through and edit each entry, there one box all the way at the bottom that says 'Label this Post'... it's a way of tagging the post so you can go through and find other posts with the same tag. Once thats all done (I would think taggin of them like 'Honasu 1' or 'comic book') I think you can add a widget to the side bar that lists all previous tag title, so you can click on a topic (like honasu 1) and it will bring up all posts with this tag. You just have to go through all your posts and manually put these in. Hope that helps!

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