Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ideas and Movement

Tonight in class some of my students were having trouble making the turn in honasu number 6. I mentioned that whatever is going through your mind while doing the technique will affect how you do it. Personally, when I do the turn I think about projecting out with my arm and the turn comes naturally. We played around with doing number 6 that way, then tried thinking about just our feet, then tried making a wide arc with the arms. The results were very different in each attempt. We moved back to tegatana from there doing the first few movements over a few times trying to see how different our bodies moved depending on what was going through our noggin at the time.


Aeralyn said...

I get excited every time I read your aikido ramblings and I understand what you're talking about...


Anyway, I have a question: was there anyone in the class that found it confusing to do the same move in different mindsets? I ask because I think I would (but then again, my brain doesn't lend itself to anything that requires balance, spacial reasoning, etc. - e.g. coordinated movements).

John Wood said...

Only when people think too much on it. Whenever they go through the movement and actually feel how different it is when thinking about different things they tend to pick up the moves pretty quickly.