Tuesday, February 17, 2009

People Can Surprise You

Tonight at class we started with a little ukemi which Oliva, the little girl was ecstatic about but her mother dreaded. A few side and back falls later, I demonstrated a triangle roll and told them we'd get more into that at a later class. Honasu number 1 and 2 were the review of the night and then we got into the meat of class. Aigamae-Ate was the move of the night and I had to show Oliva's mom a dozen or so times until she got the turn down while Oliva herself stared off into space. Her mother kept suggesting Oliva pay attention while Oliva insisted she was. When I felt the mother had the gist of it, I told Oliva it was her turn. I attacked and she executed a near perfect Aigamae-Ate with the off balance spinning me almost in place. I even staggered back just a bit and she pseudo went into a Gedan-Ate-like motion. I was amazed, and so was the mother. It's a great feeling when everything seems to come together out of nowhere. I should have thought to get a video of them the first day to show them in a month or two. It's been difficult not having anyone experienced to demonstrate on, but thankfully with a little patience we're coming along fine.

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