Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A week and a half to go

I've gotten most of my stuff packed and sent off getting ready for Oct. 11th. That's when I head back home for a couple of weeks, go to Pat's Aiki Buddy Gathering and then head out for Washington. In the meantime I think we've finally hammered out the details of what our comic book character "Multi-Task" will look like. Here's Zack's latest artistic interpretation of me and Rob's vision :) I have to say it's really strange having an idea
3 months ago, putting it on paper and having someone take your
idea one more step farther. We've also gotten our hands on a letterer named Jeff Powell. He's done work for X-men and daredevil among others.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Martial Arts basics...and cooking

Aikithoughts (the link is on the right for the over-all blog) has a wonderful post up comparing martial arts to cooking. Please take the time to check it out. Here's the link.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comic update

Me and Rob got back from Tampa. It's weird seeing an artist actually draw a character you were just bs-ing about not 6 months ago. Now the project has a life of its own with a mostly completed character, script for a first issue, an artist, writers, inker, colorist, and letterer. We plan on pitching it in a few months once the first issue is completely done. Check out the Multi-Task link on the side to get a better idea. Many thanks to Zack by the way for helping me and Rob with artistic direction. I'll keep everyone posted as more develops (and maybe a preview page or two) so stay tuned...same bat time...same bat channel.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Packing up

Well I'll be moving soon. I'm heading to Bremerton, WA (right outside Seattle) to continue my education. I've already found a new Aikido place just a few miles away...which will be a nice change from being an hour and a half away, one-way, from a place to study. I'll also be learning jazz banjo. I know it seems silly but I've always wanted to learn banjo...even though oddly enough I don't really like bluegrass. Before the move though, I'll be going to Pat's for his (now annual) Aiki-Buddies Gathering. My blog will change from occasional updates about my limited practice times, to a more comprehensive understanding of Aikido, my schooling, Judo, Banjo-do, and whatever else I feel like. Since I'll be home for most of October and the beginning of November, I probably won't post during October. The latest news is this Friday me and Rob (a friend of mine I met while working at my current comic shop), are going to Tampa to talk to an artist who worked freelance on Atomic Robo, to do some work for us on a comic we're writing. More on that later. Wish me luck.