Thursday, November 6, 2008


Recently me and my roommate have been playing around with MCMAP (Marine Corps Maritial Arts Program) changes. It's very different than what they taught when I went through. They've taken out one or two useless strikes, like their implementation of the ridge hand. They've also added a few wrist throws. Rigney was showing me a throw that was sort of like kote-gaeshi except it's a hand grab and with the other hand "Tori" twists the elbow. A lot of the throws are ridiculously easy to stop by straightening your arm but I am glad to see they're trying. Also while in Aikido our style is to step off the line then disengage, theirs is to step into Uke on the line and engage and control. Not suprising, but I was suprised at how well Pat's "rolling the ball" technique kept Rigney off me while we had a little friendly randori. I just side stepped and brushed him off me repeatedly for a few mins till he gave up.


Patrick Parker said...

why get surprissed at your success - i've told you over and over that this stuff works like magic!


John Wood said...

Yeah but not this easily :)