Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An update from home

Since expanding my blog to my weekly (or bi-weekly with how often I've been posting) activites, I thought I could let everyone in on what's been going on since getting back to Mississippi. It's been a whirlwind of fishing, riding four-wheelers, gambling on the coast, eating home cooked meals, and helping my uncle repair leaf blowers and weed wackers (his at-home buisness). On the not so great side, I finally had "the talk" with Beleek, the girl I was seeing in Orlando. I knew we couldn't realistically keep a relationship going cross country, it's just a subject I was hoping to avoid for, I dunno, a year or so. It's the Aikido in me, avoid or redirect, never confront :) Anyway in other news, our comic artist in LA has been having trouble with his moving arrangements so the comic pages won't be started till Nov 1st, much to the detriment of my many fan. I did however solve my car problem. That uncle I mentioned also has a hobby or repairing old cars and he's got a 1965 ford mustang that just needs a little more work and he only wants what he put into it to get it fixed, so I've got quite the road trip ahead of me in a few months going cross country. Next week is Pat's Aiki Buddy gathering and I'm supposed to be tested for my shodan. Wish me luck everyone...I'll need it :) I will say one thing has come STARKLY into view this week. I have some wonderful friends. I don't think I tell them enough how much better my life is with them in it. If while reading this anyone just instantly pops to mind and you say to yourself "Yeah, my life would've turned out differently if ___ and I never met", take the time to let them know.

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