Monday, November 26, 2007

New Partners

Well last night we were down in the garage as normal, which by the way looks like this....
As you can see, we have a pretty limited area. That's 10' wide by the way. Still it doesn't matter where you train as long as you're training. Beleek and Beau joined up last night so I got to play teacher with 3 students :)
Things briefly started out with Deashi-harai just to emphasize off balancing and those famous lines we tend to work on in the Fugakukai. For anyone reading this not in the Fugakukai the lines I'm referring to are the lines created when a person steps. Take two feet and draw a line going from one foot to the other then a line perpendicular the first line. Those four lines are where a person's balance is weakest and we try to throw down those, or off balance down those, then throw.
The main part of the night was discussing the mount, the guard, and escapes from each of them. After talking about shrimping and it's many uses we did a little randori and a few things happened. First off, Beau and Beleek did a good job of putting what we went over to use, Beau even came up with an impromptu arm-bar. Secondly, we had our first injury unfortunately. Beau caught Andy in the lip with his knee while trying to shrimp. Andy's alright though. More pictures to follow.

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