Monday, June 14, 2010

This is WAY overdue

So the experiment failed...mostly due to lack of planning on how to actually load the videos on my part. For that, I apologize. I moved my mats over to mine and Andy's new apartment and we went over Honasu a few times. I don't know why, but this time I felt like doing Honasu over Nijusan, which almost never happens. Andy was going over the 2nd wrist release and mentioned that Pat had been showing him that you can either drop down uke in the hole (for more info go to, or that you can swing around like a door opening. I remembered something Bryce told me about a key to Judo being able to keep a little bit of tension to lead and follow with, but that slightest bit of tension needing always be there. I tried applying that to Honasu, especially number two, and to my surprise, it made all the difference for me in the world. Instead of dropping in the hole, I gave a LITTLE bit of tension then eased off and as uke came forward I re-established the tension after uke was SLIGHTLY more off-balance. I really need to get a camera. Typing this out doesn't do justice to what I'm trying to say.